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What's in the Programme?
  •   Fat Burning Workouts: Daily workouts you can do anywhere! (Even without a gym subscription)
  •  Specialised Meal Plan: You'll enjoy a whole weeks worth of meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, that I used myself to lose over 24 pounds and keep it off!
  • Daily accountability messages: I'll keep you on track with daily messages (Email & Phone) to keep you motivated & accountable.
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Unbelievable Value Each Day
  • Day 1: I help you set goals properly and how to attain success along the way...
  • Day 2: I teach you how to stay motivated when times get tough and you don't want to exercise or stick to your diet...
  •  Day 3: I reveal the truth about "Cheat Days". Plus, I'll show you the most important building block to boost your fat burning machine...
  •  Day 4: I teach you how you can ensure you reach your goals faster and don't fall off the wagon...
  •  Day 5: I take on the dreaded "Binge Eating" and show you 9 ways you can combat it...
  •  Day 6: I address the huge problem most women have of not loving yourself. Plus I explain what happens when you don't get enough sleep...
  •  Day 7: I talk about the kinds of people that get results the quickest. Plus I give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to supercharge your journey...
Why Learn From Me...
"Most of what you've been told about weight loss is a LIE".
I know what you're thinking...

Who does this girl think she is? I get it. You've tried everything to transform your body, haven't you?  

How do I know? I've been there... and none of it worked.
I use to be overweight, unhappy and had ZERO confidence!!

Since losing my own weight and transforming my own body, I have dedicated my life to helping women just like YOU lose the weight forever…

In the process of helping thousands of women, I realised that 99% of women just feel stuck and confused as there is so much bad information out there. 

They've been lied to and taken advantage of by weight loss companies for too long. 

They just need something REAL. Someone REAL that they can trust...
If I can transform my own body and also help over 100+ other women... Imagine what I could do for you!
Start your journey with the 7 Day Kickstart to Fat Loss
What you'll get
  •   Fat Burning Home Workouts: ... 
  •    Specialized Weightloss Meal Plan: ...
  •   Daily accountability messages: ...
No Excuses... Just results. Starting Today!

As a certified personal trainer, I get a lot of questions in my inbox from people wanting to lose weight and get fit, but they don't know how to start with exercises or nutrition. 

Or they can't keep the momentum going when they start. So, they stop working out or keep reaching for junk food. 

Well the truth is...I know it's not their fault. 

Life does get busy sometimes and things DO happen and it IS hard to balance Work, Family and Health. 

And that's why I dedicated my life to make that balance possible for you... Because it is hard, but it is possible with the right help... 
Well, to give you the quickest solution I created this 7-day system to get you started once and for all. 

It's called the 7-day Kickstart to Fat Loss. And it is designed to FORCE YOU TO SUCCEED.
Why do I say force you, because just like a rocketship, the most effort is made to get the spacecraft off the ground. 

And in the same way you'll need help to get your fitness journey off the ground. And I am here to help, like I helped countless women before.

...So next to the exercise plan and meal plan that you need, I will also provide you with 7 days of accountability messages that will remind you every day to complete your tasks. 

This will ensure you actually get results... No EXCUSES! 

Surprisingly this programm is only £9.99. Why? Because I want you to be able to get started no matter what.

So, if you don't know where to start, how to structure your meals and which exercises to do, but you still want to get results? 

Then this programme is for YOU!

This kickstart is part of an 8-Week Transformation Programme. But we know that if you can't commit to 1 week, you won't commit to 8 weeks either. 

So this kickstart will help you to get started and show you that you ARE able to stick to a program and get results. You owe it to yourself to get started today! 

Click the button below to take the first step.
YOU can be the next body transformation...
*Results May Vary
*Results May Vary
*Results May Vary
*Results May Vary
Who is this Kickstart for?
If you've ever heard yourself say any of the below:
  •  I simply want to get my body back after a pregnancy
  •  I am starting my fitness journey, but don't know where to start or how to do it PROPERLY
  •  I am looking for looking for trustworthy information to avoid any mistakes
  •  I want to get specific fat loss results quicker, especially after the holiday period of relaxation and overeating
  •  I want to have a more toned & defined body and get rid of those flabby areas (especially arms and tummy)
  •  I want feel physically strong and fit but I feel I'm unable to lose the pounds
  •  I am struggling to find and eat the right foods or at least understand what proper nutrition is
  •  I feel that my current workout routine is not getting me anywhere
  •  I want to be able to feel better about myself and get more confident about my body
  •  I am looking for support to keep me motivated and actually help me achieve the results I want
  •  I've decided that I am going to finally take action and I want someone that can help me stay committed
...Then This 7 Day Kickstart Programme is 
EXACTLY what you need to get you started!
Other women that have transformed their lives with Lucie!
"I cannot thank Lucie enough for helping me transform my body for my wedding! I felt amazing on this special day. Her 12-week transformation is everything that I’ve been looking for in a programme and more. "
- Sara
"Lucie is an inspirational trainer. I lost nearly a stone with her guidance and became fitter and healthier. She is dedicated, professional and really lovely! I highly recommend her transformation programme "
- Oana
"Lucie has taught me it’s ok to love myself and not have an unrealistic goal of what is or isn’t acceptable. The most important factor Lucie is teaching me to love myself and life again and I highly recommend working with her. "
- Katie
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